Happy Birth Stories

Just a note to say thank you so much for all your help with the hypnobirthing. We both found the whole experience amazing and totally positive. We'll be back for a refresher on our next baby!!

We both really enjoyed all the classes especially classes 3 and 4 especially the relaxation and fear release work that we did!  I really feel the fear release worked for me as I was able to let go off those niggling little negative thoughts at the back of my mind and now I feel totally confident, ready and excited for labour! Thank you so much! Hope to see you again soon to tell you all about our positive birth experience!! Thank you for your encouragement and kindness! Cindy & Jeff   

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Releasing Previous Birth Trauma - Made all the difference...

"We had a beautiful and healthy baby girl and has since turned into a pretty huge baby (95th percentile in weight) and she is so calm and easy going. She pretty much slept through the night since the beginning, usually getting up only once a night if she does (although day time sleeps are short and few :)

The birth was pretty Ideal. The midwives called it a Tornado birth - I only realised I was in labour 1.5 hrs before she was born so it was a rush to get to the hospital. It was fast and furious and two pushes and she was out.
I had been working with the epino as I had had a third-degree tear before and unfortunately her hand was up at her shoulder so i had another third-degree tear. However, my recovery was so much better than the first time and really I had no problems afterwards.

So, it all went amazingly and we have won the baby lottery as she is just amazing.

"Having the sessions with you alongside Hypnobirthing to release trauma from my first birth experience made all the difference in my mentality before the birth and during it"

Thanks for all your help. I'm sure it wouldn't have been so simple without it! " Hanna, Charles and Iris

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Dominio Scheme Recommended That We Look at Hypnobirthing!

We were very excited expecting our first baby and wanted to know as much as possible about what we could do to bond with our little one in the womb and help prepare us for a healthy, safe and relaxing as possible birth.

At one of our visits to the Holles Street, Domino midwives it was recommended to us that we should look into Hypnobirthing. As soon as I read the book I had to know more, I knew that Hypnosis for childbirth was what I wanted for my baby and myself. That is when we came across Aisling and her hypnobirthing course in Dublin.

I suppose the main thing we got from the Birth with Ease course was the reassurance and confidence to give birth to our beautiful child in the most relaxing way possible.

The relaxing techniques we had practised with Aisling helped me keep myself really focused and relaxed during the whole birth. The midwives could not believe how calm and focused I stayed during the 8 hours! They could see how much work I had put into the relaxation techniques during pregnancy. Another thing I love about hypnobirthing is the deep bond you have with your baby in the womb and afterwards.

Our baby is very relaxed, happy and placid and this we are sure has to do with all the relaxing we did with when he was in the womb! I thoroughly recommend hypnobirthing to every mum and dad to be. Ailish & Eamon                           

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Hypnobirthing Really Worked!

Dear Aisling, So we had a boy the weekend before last, and I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and direction with the hypnobirthing - it really worked so well, and helped with a smooth delivery in Holles Street (despite his 9lbs which I was not expecting as my belly wasn't that big!)  He's a dote and so calm, and I am sure this is down to the birth. I really noticed it in the ward afterwards when so many other babies were upset and crying their heads off! and my little fella was sleeping and looked so peaceful. Susie and Johnaton

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