Received a lovely email from client who gave birth during COVID-19 and is happy to share her experience with you. As she mentioned that she was looking on line for some positive experiences in the lead up to giving birth alone, but could not find much. and feels that her story can be reassuring for mums to be in these unusual circumstances

“Just wanted to let you know that baby was finally born in March and that we are both doing well.
Many things have changed since we spoke for the last time. As I was starting my leave all the covid-19 thing happened and brought a lot of uncertainty to all aspects of life.

I was no longer sure how the birth would be as many things were out of my control, so I think I just embraced that... thought about the possibility of being alone due to restrictions, etc... and my previous birth became insignificant and even trivial. I tried my best, thought about staying at home as much as possible... used all the tools in my box and finally made to the hospital at 6:40am, it turned out that I was almost ready to push... and my friends collected our sleepy 4 year old from the parking lot of Coombe just in time for my husband to join me in the delivery room. Robbie was born at 7:11am and I had my relatively pain free labour, only using breathing, hypnobirthing and bathtub at home and then TENs for the ride to the hospital and Entonox once there.

I found the midwifes in coombe very supporting and this encouraged me to go with it... honestly I would see all this hypnobirthing videos and I couldn’t see myself having what I actually had, I was happy with just coping with the pain better than last time.

The lockdown is taking a toll on me, same as everybody else, but knowing that for a while it will be just the 4 of us trying to get used to each other. I say... lockdown is not so bad after all, I miss being able to go out shopping, cinema, etc... but having the chance to experience the slow living is great.
I want to thank you again, you did help me a great deal to acknowledge all the traumas I had from my previous birth and give me perspective and something to look forward. Without that, and in the current situation, I think i would have freaked out and this could have gone the other way.” Cheers, Debbie